KOBELCO 굴삭기 밸브 - 릴리프 밸브, 감압 밸브, 오버플로 밸브, 파급, 파는 부품

Kobelco excavator valves as main and assy relief valves offered by reliable supplier Finotek with premium quality, highly precise production, strictly tested before delivery. The valves are strong and well performance in poor working conditions.

Finotek은 Kobelco 굴삭기 밸브를 다음 시리즈로 공급합니다.
SK07-N2; SK60-1; SK60-5; SK60-6; SK100-1; SK100-2; SK100-3; SK100-5; SK100-6; SK120-3; SK120-5; SK120-6; SK200-1; SK200-2; SK200-3; SK200-5; SK200-6; SK220-3; SK220-6; SK230-6; SK300-3; Kobelco 굴삭기 밸브 SK300-6 시리즈